Through commitment and dedication, our focus on providing a range of innovative, substantive sustainable service and support to elementary and middle school programming contributes to the attainment of proven results to key educational or social/community issues. A consistent approach to mentor and tutor elementary / middle school students bolsters math and reading skills for elementary age students and our delivery of character-building workshops shapes and reveals the true diamonds once hidden and prepares them for life’s challenges.


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Keisha Boggan

Facet Chair

Mad Science

Our chapter Services to Youth Facet supports the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STE(A)M) initiative by implementing STE(A)M programs at Hoffman Boston Elemetary School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington, VA. These efforts are funded through a grant from G.E Corporation and chapter funds.The Mad Science program is for students at Hoffman Boston in  4th and 5th grade students. They will be introduced to topics in Chemisty, Physics, other sciences, and the Arts. They will be given names of African Americans and other minorities involved in STE(A)M work. The students will be asked to research and write an essay about one of the person/persons involved in STE(A)M work, past and present.


FIRST® LEGO® League introduces young people, ages 9 to 14* (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science and technology. Teams, composed of up to ten children with at least two (2) screened Lead Coaches, can also be associated with a pre-existing club or organization, homeschooled, or just be a group of friends who wish to do something awesome. Our First Leggo Program is for 7th and 8th grade girls at Thomas Jefferson. The teams meet twice a week to engage in team building activities, review and incorporate First Leggo League Core Values, work on their research projects, and build and program their robots to complete tasks with the mission sets


Services to Youth Facet
Supporting STEM initiatives at elementary and middle-schools, along with mentoring and character building workshops
Tomorrow’s innovators practice creative thinking and teamwork today. The Arlington (VA) Chapter’s Services to Youth mission is to expose students to the magic of science, technology, engineering, and math while developing critical thinking and team-building skills, basic STEM applications, and presentation skills. Through the generous sponsorship from fortune 500 company General Electric “GE” the Arlington Chapter is able to fund and sustain two such key initiatives: Lego League Ladies Robotics and Madd Science.
In the spring of 2011, The Arlington (VA) Chapter implemented its first "Madd Science" After School Program at partner school, Hoffman Boston Elementary in Arlington. The demonstration based interactive Program focuses on science topics such as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and science toys The 6 week introduction to a "hands on" fun STEM program was so successful there was a waiting list the following year.  With the high student and parental interest, the three year old program is now being introduced to the feeder Thomas Jefferson Middle School.
Using Lego Mindstorms Technology, 7th and 8th girls at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Alexandria, known as the “Lego League Ladies,” build robots and program them to follow various directions. The team meets bi-weekly and is required to demonstrate completion in various critical thinking exercises in problem solving.  The Thomas Jefferson girls attended the FIRST Lego Competition in St Louis, Missouri in April 2014. And through an anonymous donation of $10,000, Lego League Ladies competed and won 3rd place in the Chicago competition.