In May 1964, Mignon B. Johnson organized a group of 11 women which became
known as "The Missing Links." The Washington, DC Chapter served as sponsor
for the group. 

On November 19, 1966, at the home of Catherine Tate, the 11 “Link Elects” were
installed by Link Beatrice Butler (31st Eastern Area Director) and chartered as
The Arlington (VA) Chapter, becoming the 31st chapter in the Eastern Area.  The 
first officers were:  Mignon Johnson (President), Pauline Ellison (Vice President),
Catherine Tate (Treasurer),  Doris Thompson, (Corresponding Secretary), and
Eleanor Monroe (Recording Secretary).  Other members were Elizabeth Hazel,
Carrie James, Virginia Moore, Evelyn Syphax, Margarite Syphax & Mildred Turner.

The Arlington (VA) Chapter has been known for its award-winning programs and projects of service for the betterment of life for others locally (Northern Virginia service area) and nationally.  A few of the most significant programs include:
  • Pacer Centers which assisted parents and children in coping with the multitudinal learning and discipline problems.
  • Voter Education and Registration Sponsored voter education and registration drives.
  • Adopt-A-School, now  referred to as Partnership in education programs, which provides a continuous support system for students and administration.
The Arlington (VA) Links Chapter Historical Recognition:
  • Presented a picture of Henry L. Homes, the only Commissioner of Revenue for Arlington County from July 1, 1876 to December 31, 1903 .The picture was presented to the Arlington County Board in 1985.  It hung in the lobby of the Henry L. Holmes building until the demolition of the building. 
  • The Scholarship Program was established in recognition of Eleanor Monroe’s significant contribution as the first Black Arlington County School Board member.  Scholarship recipients  were expanded to include students who had demonstrated academic excellence as well as students who show high potential for succeeding in reaching their career goals.
  • Project Lead High Expectations, the goal to develop a field-tested, innovative, community-based education outreach program to prevent alcohol and drug abuse, mature sexual activity, unintended births and sexually transmitted diseases among youth. The Arlington Chapter was selected as one of the first chapters to pilot the project in 1988.
  • The Arlington Chapter earned a place on the National Links Honor Roll by contributing $11,250 to the National Link Building Fund.
  • Monte Carlo, the chapter's signature fundraiser and an enjoyable evening with family and friends, began in 1970 and is sponsored every other year.
  • The Arlington Chapter has the distinction of having three national presidents elected from its membership: Link Pauline Ellison (6th National President), Link Dolly Adams (8th National President), and  Link Kimberly Jeffries Leonard. Worthy of note, Link Patricia Russell McCloud elected  the 11th National President, was a former member of the Arlington Chapter where she was inducted into membership. 



In addition, other positions held by our members on the Area and National Level:  

Kimberly Jeffries Leonard 

National President 2018-

National Vice-President 2014-2016 
National Recording Secretary 2010-2014
Eastern Area Evaluation Chair 2005
National Mental Health Initiative 2005 
Director, National Trends and Services
Eastern Area Health Chair 2003-2005

Natalie Fant
Eastern Area Vice-Director 2013-2015

Catherine Tate
1st Executive Director,  National Headquarters 1974
Board of Directors. The Links Foundation1986

Rose Boyd National Nomination Committee 1978 – 1982


Margaret Batchelor White
Organized the first cluster in Linkdom

Jacqueline Robinson
National Chapter Establishment Officer 1980 - 1986


Evelyn Syphax
National Chair of Personnel 1990 – 1994
Eastern Area Parliamentarian 1978 - 1982 
Margarite Vallery 
National Heir-O-Link Program Chair 1978 - 1982


Ersa Poston
National Headquarters 1986
Steering Committee Chair, Dedication 1985

Lula Lang-Jeter
National Treasurer 2006
Eastern Area Treasurer 2002-2006 
Elected Nominating Committee 2000-2002 
Chair, Election Committee 1986-1988
Chair, Audit Committee 2001, 1999, 1997
Director, Links Foundation 1994-1996
Chair, Public Relations 1988-1990

Laura Brown
Chairman, Corporate Linkage & Fund Development 

Alma Cobb Hobbs
National Governor’s Board, Women’s Issues  & Empowerment 2004


Julia Pollard
National Elections Committee 2005

Deborah Brittain
Associate Dean of Faculty, Scott Hawkins Institute


Carol Johnson
National Chair, Health Link Linkage

Mignon Johnson 
Chapter Organizer 1966
7th Eastern Area Director 1970 – 1974