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Arlington (VA) Links Scholarship Program

The Arlington (VA) Links Chapter is a non-profit organization. And proceeds from our biennial signature fundraiser is used to provide college scholarships to graduating high school seniors. We take pride in the transformational work we do in the community to continuously support our youth in realizing their higher education goals. Due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the no-large gatherings mandate enforced by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Arlington Chapter’s biggest fundraiser is now postponed until 2021. Therefore, our Scholarship intake process will resume during our next program year 2021-2022.


In the meantime, our prayer during this time of pause is that you continue to hone your gifts and remain diligent in your studies. And, we are happy to work with you to explore other relevant college scholarship and grant opportunities that remain intact during the 2020-2021 year.


Thank you for your understanding at this crucial time. And, we trust that you will continue to adhere to the CDC guidelines outlined to stay healthy and safe as you prepare for your next chapter that promises to be bright and rewarding

Should you have any questions, contact Erni Bridges, Scholarship Committee Chair here or (703) 921-1311.